If You’re Just Getting Started…

There’s a lot of information on the internet. There’s also a lot of bad information when it comes to legal info. And with people saying “I heard this” or “this worked for me!” it’s easy to get overwhelmed! So we’ve compiled our best “starter articles” here in an easily-understandable, “choose your own adventure” style order to keep you on the right track.

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Feature 1

In a list checklist that applies to absolutely everyone, read through the top-10 “yes, you need to do this!”steps to starting your business. And it’s not just the dry “law and numbers” stuff. Included are things like business licenses, taxes, and business plans!

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Feature 2

Starting a business with a friend can be the best— or it can be the absolute worst. Go over this article and the accompanying guide to make sure you’ve talked through the hard stuff before entering into what “my kind” lovingly refer to as a “business marriage."

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Feature 3

Do I really need to file my LLC? Can’t I just be a sole proprietor?” is a question that I hear at least once a week. Take a read through these four questions to find out what to consider before making the choice to file as any sort of business entity, LLCs included.

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