GUEST POST: Should I make my Clients Get Wedding Insurance? Protecting Against Unforeseen Wedding Crashers & Disasters

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**Note from Caroline: I met Hunter last fall, and immediately was drawn to how excited and energizing she was. She made me actually WANT to talk about insurance. Insurance is a super important topic wedding pros, but they often have a tough time convincing clients of the importance of insuring their wedding. And it’s super important for the WEDDING PROS to make sure you’re covered by the policy too!

I asked Hunter to write something for the blog explaining why wedding insurance is such a good idea, and she DELIVERED. She’s basically done ALL of the work and given you the “WHY” to present to clients as to the importance of wedding insurance. Read the post below to help explain just why it’s so important for couples to get wedding insurance— with a few “notes” from me detailing tips and stories from the legal trenches!!


This is Hunter. Aside from being a kickass insurance agent, she’s just so adorable and fun to talk to!

This is Hunter. Aside from being a kickass insurance agent, she’s just so adorable and fun to talk to!

Is it true that it’s good luck to rain on your wedding day?

Well, with the extreme weather we get here in the the South, what if it occurs on or before the wedding day? What if it floods? What if your clients lose deposits and wedding gifts, and photographs were damaged because of the wind, power outage, or water damage? What if the venue itself was damaged?

That is not so lucky… but there is a relatively inexpensive solution to these common problems: Wedding insurance.

Don’t let the weather be a wedding disaster on your Clients’ wedding day! With wedding insurance, you could include reimbursement for certain non-recoverable expenses if severe weather forces them to postpone the wedding. For example, non-refundable deposits to vendors— including YOU— could be covered in the event of a hurricane (Note from Caroline: Hunter says that Wedding Pros should be named as “additional insured” on the policy!)

Here’s another concern: WEDDING CRASHERS. We have all heard the term liquor is quicker! But liquor at a wedding is another key word for liability. So, what happens when intoxicated guests start damaging tables, chairs, or maybe the historic beautiful venue your Client rented for your wedding day?😱 Your intoxicated guests just might cost you a law suit (Note from Caroline: I’ve seen this happen. Those $$ gifts ? They go directly towards fixing broken fixtures).

How do you protect Clients from an incident like this at their wedding? Wedding insurance could include coverage for liquor-related events and damage by adding coverage for liquor liability.

Speaking of liability, couples who have just signed the contract for their venue may need to secure liability insurance to satisfy their contract.

This “liability” requirement is the basis for wedding insurance. Requiring liability coverage is very common these days.

Why? Think about it: Let’s say clients have sparklers for all the guests to light the way of the grand exit. All of those little embers from the sparklers smolder into the carpet that lead them to the getaway car, and the bride’s little cousin burns himself with the sparkler. Liability coverage could protect you if a guest is injured or the sparks cause damage to property.

There are so many potential wedding crashers and disasters that could happen on a wedding day. But there is a solution for many of these risks by protecting yourself and your clients with wedding insurance. Checking with a local agent in your area to review your options only costs few minutes of your time!

For Virginia residents, a great wedding insurance resource can be found at Virginia Insurance Services. Email Hunter directly at HUNTER [at] POLICYJET.COM to talk to her about what your clients need to protect their wedding day, and what you need to do to ensure YOU get paid out by insurance if disaster strikes. And remember, one ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

DISCLAIMER: Not all policies are created equal. Read your policy carefully and consider any coverages offered you don’t add.