Teach Your Clients Wedding Day Automation!

Guys.  If you've spoken with me lately, you probably  know that I am WAY excited about automation. I am sure that you all are already using it, but remember that attorneys are about 5 years behind in the tech world.  

I have a huge lady-boner for automating client intake and information gathering.  I am so in awe of Zapier that I read an 111-page manual all about it.  So:

What if i told you there's a simple FREE way to help your clients automate planning their wedding... making you look AMAZING and putting less work on you?  Say WHAT?

IFTTT (If This, Then That) has a great collection of recipes (automatic directions, similar to Zapier's "zaps") that will automatically make things happen like magic. But unlike Zapier, it's DEAD SIMPLE.  While I was looking for recipes of my own, I stumbled onto their "Wedding Collection," which lists a number of recipes to make wedding planning life easier.

Here are some of our favorites to introduce to your clients:

Save Photos They Are Tagged in to Dropbox

This recipe will automatically save any Facebook photos tagging the client into a Dropbox folder. This is especially helpful with older guests who might not understand the whole "hashtag" thing. PLUS, you don't have to go through each photo and download them individually. 


Get an email if their Dream Dress shows up on Ebay

There are those brides who want THAT DRESS.  The one that's over budget.  The one they saw in a magazine and just HAVE to have.

There are also those brides and/ or bridesmaids who need a dress post- Alfred Angelo-pacalypse.

And there are simple some brides who are budget-conscious and don't mind buying second-hand.

No matter the situation, this app will monitor E-bay for a specific dress in a specific style and size and email your client the minute it's listed.  No more stalking Ebay filters!

Auto save photos you take at your wedding venue to Google Drive

Location services FTW! Any photo your client takes will be saved into a Google Drive folder. BOOM! Backed up and ready to share.

Super-charge this one and use it for yourself-- that way, you'll have lots of photos of different venues to show future clients!

Get a phone call the morning of the wedding day reminding them to enjoy the small moments

It's the little things, y'all.  Add the date and time that your client wants to be reminded to take time to enjoy the small moments on the big day, and they'll get a call.