UPDATE: Alfred Angelo Dresses Stuck in Port

For hundreds of brides and bridesmaids across the U.S., the now-bankrupt Alfred Angelo has clients’ money and their dress. And they won't be seeing either anytime soon.

According to an email between one one bride and and the company’s attorney, Patricia Redmond, dresses shipped after June 24 are stuck at port in California and will not make it to customers.

Alfred Angelo recently filed Ch. 17 and sent its required bankruptcy notice to creditors. This puts all creditor-related activity on hold, and means creditors cannot sue or demand payments or refunds from the company. The case is now under the control of the trustee and will go through the bankruptcy process, which will take at least six months from the filing-- possibly more.

This is a far cry from the Company's promise to fulfill dress orders made just a week or two ago. 

Brides and bridesmaids left without dresses can file a claim through the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida (where Alfred Angelo is based and the bankruptcy proceedings are located). There is one general case for Alfred Angelo customers and another one for customers located in the northeast.

The company attorney says customer's claim status will become available early 2018.  

Unfortunately, this is long after many customers will need their wedding day attire.

Source: Alfred Angelo Attorney Says Dresses Stuck in California Port | NBC Connecticut