Our Favorite Small Business Tools [Plus Discount Codes!]

We try to keep things running smoothly around here. But we couldn't do that without a LOT of tools that make things much easier for us. We're not ones to hide the ball, so we thought we'd share some of our favorite tools for automating, tweaking, and keeping things running like buttah, baby!
Small Business Tools - 17 hats, Dubsado, Honeybook, and more
Project and Client Management
Dubsado for Small Business Teams
I am a big fan of and new convert to Dubsado. I love the ability to have my inquiry form auto-import into my CRM, which then gets automatically dropped into a client-intake workflow, and then zapped into my phone. I don't even have to activate the workflow! You can see all of your "to-dos" on your dashboard, and check off workflow tasks as they are completed (like a Trello or Asana, but much more robust!). I send out all of my various contracts and information-gathering forms through Dubsado, and sync all my emails so they are drawn into the client project AUTOMATICALLY. That way, my team can see where we are without me having to forward 1000 messages to them!

Oh, and they JUST released their client portal feature, so that's a new little rockstar feature to keep your eye on.
One other important thing to me was the ability to hit the ground running with minimal setup time. I switched over from 17hats-- which is amazing for a solo business, but I just outgrew it-- and needed to GO FAST. It took me while to get everything "just right," although it definitely could have taken less time, because-- let's face it-- I'm a Virgo perfectionist.
Want 20% off? Use code "engagedlegal" and get 1) an unlimited free trial
for up to 3 projects, and 2) a year Dubsado for less than a dollar per day.
Seriously, I did that math, and as of 2/14/2018, the yearly plan is $250. Take 20% off and it's 55 CENTS PER DAY.

Best for Solo Biz:

For a solo business, 17hats is great. If you're interested in 17hats, it's a great starter option-- and very inexpensive (or free!).Use this link for a FREE TRIAL and 10% off an Annual or Bi-annual Plan, which breaks down to less than $10 per month for a 2-year plan-- like WHAT??!?! OR you can sign up for their forever free plan if you need limited capabilities. But like I said-- my business just outgrew it.

I still work with 17hats in that I draft contracts for their Marketplace, and I fully endorse the platform for a one-woman/man-show!
Moral of the Story: Dubsado for small teams, and 17Hats if you are a one-person show and need to hit the ground RUNNING.
For wedding pros, it really doesn't get much easier than Honeybook. And with their community feature, you can connect with wedding pros looking to collaborate on styled shoots OR even refer out work. Their interface is so darn easy to use, I'm jealous I can't use it myself! I mean, check out this stress-free interface:

I mean, look at that workflow. Streamlined. Easy. SIMPLE, yet features robust behind-the-scenes goodness. PLUS you can import your super-solid-contract templates right to the "Template" feature, which auto collects and populates the name, email, and phone number for your potential clients. HELLO, MORE TIME!
Use this link for 20% off your Honeybook Plan, plus a FREE TRIAL to make sure you like it!
Business Automation
Zapier is the ultimate "behind the scenes" assistant you didn't know you needed. It essentially runs back and forth between apps/ programs to combine information automatically, which is AH-MAY-ZING.
For example, you can connect Instagram to Google Drive to have every mention of your brand logged in a spreadsheet-- automatically. Or Connect Paypal to Send In Blue so that anyone who purchases something from you is added to your mailing list. 
Runner up: IFTTT
"If This Than That," or IFTTT, is a similar program to Zapier. It's got a more "home function" base to it, with lots of dedication to Amazon's Alexa/ Echoand such, but also provides some pretty great auto-synching with Google Docs.
Live Webinars

This is my favorite live video program by far. Unlike Zoom-- which I do love for conference calls, btw-- there are no browser add-ons or extra downloads to watch the video. You can have a real conversation with your audience through Q&A, polling, and live chat, and can invite guests to join you on screen right inn Crowdcast. There's also built-in content space for you to distribute worksheets, slide decks, etc. Finally, you get insights through event analytics, create private and password-protected events, set up payments through Stripe, embed on any page, and automatically record for evergreen videos It's super easy to set up and use, which is a HUGE plus when time is money!
Teaching Platform
OK, I have a confession to make. I tried out almost EVERY. SINGLE. ONLINE. COURSE. PLATFORM. I won't tell you how many nights I was up until the wee hours just fiddling with code and interfaces. I won't show you the four page feature comparison chart I made with a corresponding Excel spreadsheet comparing cost per person for each platform's different levels. I have problems, y'all.
I've also got a lot of emails I have to unsubscribe from, because MAN do I have a lot of accounts I won't be using.
In the end, Teachablecame out above the rest. Why? It's simplicity. Yeah, I need some powerful tools. And yeah, I need to be able to upload documents, change landing pages, and edit EVERYTHING if I so desire. But Teachablemakes it easy to do all that.
They've also got a great Quick Start Webinarwhere they walk you through the process to create a course/ informational product in NO TIME. If I can figure it out, YOU can figure it out.... and can get profitable off of your knowledge.
Video and Audio
My computer's internal webcam sucks. I wish it didn't, but.... well, we can't win them all.
After buying a few REAL DUDS, I purchased theLogitech HD Pro Webcam C920, for Widescreen Video Calling and Recording.It's the perfect budget camera for someone who isn't trying to be a photographer, but needs good quality streaming capabilities. While the image is GREAT, the audio isn't awesome, so I pair it with my Blue Yeti USB mic. The "standard" for basic recording of podcasts and webinars, there's no sound board needed for this mic-- it will plug right into your laptop. Plus it looks hella cool.
That's our list! What are some of your favorite tools?