Freebie: Drafting Strong Contract Terms

Alternative title: Drafting Statements of Work that don't Suck! (I figured that might be a little aggressive)

 I get it. Contracts are hard.  And when each client is so different, it can seem like you'll never be able to get everything you need to in writing.  

But let me help you out.  Every time you draft a contract, you need to specify exactly what you're doing for that client.  Whether it's a package, specific terms drafted into a contract, or a Statement of Work pulled out at the end (my favorite way to do it, FYI), you have to have things NAILED DOWN.

That's why I (painstakingly) created this "Drafting Strong Contract Terms" workbook.  It will walk you through each step I mentally take when I draft statements of work in a contract. Over the years, I've developed a strategy-- which is included RIGHT HERE.

You'll get:

1) my three-step breakdown for drafting each contract term,

2) my checklist of questions to ask for each "thing" you provide,

3) "Fill-in-the-blank" examples for you to practice, and

4) pre-drafted "fill-in-the-blanks" for you use in your own contract!


Free stuff is the best stuff.

It's important to be able to draft tight, zipped up SOW terms because even with the BEST contract in the world, if you aren't identifying what you're providing, you won't be able to defend yourself when a  crazy client comes back asking for a refund.  You can't say, "I promised this, and I fulfilled my promise."  You can't say, "Stop calling me-- or else I will charge you extra."  You can't say, "NO, I  won't work for 20 hours straight on your wedding day!"

Let me help you out.  Fill this out RIGHT NOW and I'll shoot you the PDF so you can get your contracts up to snuff!

Better contracts. More protection. Less drama.